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Component Engineering is a manufacturer of selected accessories used in theatrical motion picture projection. These accessories fall into two categories: those having to do with the automatic control of the presentation and those which are part of the sound system.

We offer automation and control devices for film and digital theatre presentations. Our latest device, the DA-10, provides automation control of digital presentations. Our TA-10 DX supports both film and digital presentations. And if you have one of our TA-10 theatre automations, it can be upgraded to support digital presentations with our DX-10 digital upgrade. We also offer the FM-35 (and FM-37) triple cue detector, and its companion QX-10 cue decoder.

Our sound system products include high quality soundtrack readers for installation in the projector's soundhead. Readers are available for normal analog sound tracks and for Dolby Digital sound tracks in Simplex and Century projectors.

Other sound system products include the MS-100 Monitor Amplifier, the AD-1 Non-sync Sound Distribution system, and the SG-1 pink noise/tone generator.

If you have any questions regarding our products, order information, or this web site, please feel free to e-mail us at: cs@componentengineering.com.

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