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MS-100 Booth Monitor Amplifier

MS-100 Booth Monitor Amplifier


The MS-100 booth monitor amplifier is intended to be not only a means by which the projectionist can listen to the film being shown, but as a trouble-shooting diagnostic tool as well. Enough inputs are provided so that all significant points in the theatre's sound system can be sampled and their condition quickly determined.

The design philosophy has been to provide a central point at which the entire system can be checked and tested if necessary. Beyond this, other features have been added to ease the installation and maintenance of quality cinema sound systems.


• Nine sets of inputs sample either processor or power amplifier outputs

• Easy selection of any one channel or "mix"

• Inputs from bi-amped systems

• Adaptor available for tri-amped systems

• Upward compressor in monitor amplifier for easier listening in the
   noisy booth atmosphere

• 20-watt internal power amplifier

• Internal full range speaker

• Connection for external loudspeaker

• Mixed mono line output for hearing-impaired systems

• Headphone jack on front panel

• Test outputs on front and rear panel directly sample channel selected

• Rugged and attractive steel chassis with convenience features
   for installers and technicians

• 110 or 220 VAC operation

MS-100 Power Supply, back panel


Width: 19", Depth: 5 1/4" (3 units)

Shipping Weight:
18 Lbs.

9 Low Level, 9 Pairs High Level
(from low frequency and high frequency power amp outputs)

Power Requirements:
110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz, 40 Watts Max

External Speaker @ 20 Watts into 8 OHMS, Buffered Mixed Mono @ Line Level, Buffered Test @ Line Level

Edison Testing Labs certified

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