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FM-35 Cue Detector/Failsafe

FM-35 Cue Detector/Failsafe


A proximity sensor style of cue detector has been designed specifically for the motion picture industry. No longer is there a need for the big, expensive, industrial type sensors, which must be tailored to the electrical circuit they are to control. Furthermore, the old film-break rollers riding on (and sometimes scratching) the film have been replaced with modern optical sensors and with the added ability of knowing that the film is actually moving!

The triple-cue FM-35 is intended as a stand-alone direct replacement for mechanical units, or with accessories, it can upgrade simpler automation systems to more flexible installations.


• Fully self-contained single chassis stand-alone unit

• Three reliable proximity sensor cue detectors

• Film presence detected optically — no rollers riding on the film

• Film motion also optically sensed

• Fully isolated relay contacts

• 35-70mm version available (FM-37)

• Modular plug-in design

• Entire unit specifically designed for film use only

• Supplied with mounting bracket and output cable (Several types available)

• Cue expander (QX-10) and other accessories available

FM-35 block diagram


QX-10 Cue Expander
The QX-10 Cue Expander is designed specifically for use with Component Engineering's FM-35 or FM-37 Film Monitoring System. The QX-10 is connected to the three cue outputs of the FM-35 and treats them as the elements of a three bit binary code. When cues or cue combinations are received by the QX-10 they are decoded into one of the seven possible outputs.

The combination of the FM-35 and the QX-10 is an easy, inexpensive and reliable way to upgrade older automation systems which do not have the ability to control all the various formats of today's presentations.

Please visit our Technical Information page for more details regarding the QX-10 Cue Expander.

Electrical Specifications

Input Power:
12 to 28 Vdc
(Power supply modules available for 12 or 24 VAC systems)
350 mA max

Relay Contact Rating:
500 mA AC or DC

(Voltages over 48 not recommended)

15 connector cable and connector supplied

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