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DX-10 Digital Upgrade

Add digital cinema to your TA-10 Theatre Automation System quickly, efficiently, and without rewiring.

The DX-10 is a replacement MCU board for the TA-10 Theatre Automation. It has an onboard serial port for connection to serial-style digital cinema servers like the Dolby Show Store. It has an onboard GPIO interface for connection to GPIO-style digital cinema servers like the Doremi DCP-2000 and GDC SA-2100.

With the DX-10 in place, the TA-10 Theatre Automation responds to digital server commands. The activation of relays, LEDs, remote box signal bus, panic stop, digital sound select, and other automation functions are completely programmable and are controlled by the digital server. It is a powerful system.

Cue Manager™ PC software from Component Engineering is used to program the TA-10 to respond to server commands. Programming is fast and easy.


DX-10 Digital Upgrade
TA-10 Automation
  TA-10 Theatre Automation

The DX-10 Digital Upgrade:

• Allows a digital server with GPIO or serial interface to control theatre house
  functions already wired into a TA-10

• Fires cue relays, event lines, and auxiliary relays in response to commands issued
  by a digital server

• With DX-10 installed, the TA-10 becomes both a film and a digital automation

• TA-10 can be connected to and controlled by a film projector, a digital server, or
  both simultaneously in a hybrid configuration

• Can be factory preprogrammed and/or modified in the field using Cue Manager™
  Software to meet your customization needs

• Dedicated digital server sound select feature eliminates rewiring of sound select
  relays in a hybrid film/digital environment

• Supports multiple film and digital systems through a remote control box

• Supports remote control start and stop buttons, local start and stop buttons,
  remote control status box LED indicators, and local LED indicators during both
  digital and film presentations

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